Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bringing Broadway to Bridgeport

Here is the latest press release I have been working on.  Always best to be a month in front of any press, but the hurricane is delaying things, so this weekend is my crunch time. I included a whole "perks" section that probably won't go with the press release but that will be in a newsletter I have been creating.  It seems to me that if you can get the "early adapters" to engage and invite groups of their friends, it's better than just selling one ticket at a time.  Plus, each perk furthers part of our "mentoring" or "engaging your tribe" idea.

Contact: Kristin Huffman
Cell Phone: 646-342-3200

The Bijou Theatre presents: A Holiday Extravaganza: Bringing Broadway to Bridgeport!

Amidst all the stress and strife of “Sandy” the Bijou Theatre and Broadway performers from The New Paradigm Theatre bring an uplifting and enjoyable event to the community!   

Bridgeport, CT (November 1 2012) –

Bringing Broadway to Bridgeport.  Thinking outside the…holiday box, the Bijou Theatre and The New Paradigm Theatre Co (NPT) have found an “all-in-one” way to benefit the community and create a an uplifting holiday tradition.  Broadway performers from The New Paradigm Theatre Company will perform a NY-esque customized Holiday show for Bridgeport and the surrounding area Dec 1 and Dec 2nd at the Bijou Theatre.  Created just for Bridgeport this show not only entertains with Broadway singers, instrumentalists and Santa, but it comes with a mentoring outreach that allows the Broadway performers to teach young people in weeks prior to the show and gives a few lucky Bridgeport students the chance to be featured on stage with the performers for the exciting Holiday extravaganza.  Some will even have a chance to help write part of the show with the Broadway performers as guides!  Adding to the glamour and fun are title-holders from the Miss CT program (including a cameo by Miss CT), the Bridgeport Boy’s choir will be featured onstage with the performers and The New Paradigm Theatre’s  “So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway Star” Junior and Senior winners will also be featured.  Finally, proving that it takes a village, the “Village Vogue Boutique”, in neighboring Milford, will be supplying all the gowns for the event.  Connecting, uplifting and mentoring the community through this “Holiday gift” to Bridgeport.
Tickets:  Call  Bijou theatre:  (203) 332-3228
Perks for early ticket buyers (before Nov 16th) include:  1. VIP pass to the “Invited dress rehearsal”.  2. “Talk back after the show with the stars”.   3. Dinner with the stars. 
Group ticket sales for senior centers and homes (10 or more) receive the above as well as a visit during December by Kristin Huffman (BWay performer and Artistic Director) with a young crew of carolers for your own “Sing along” and caroling door to door at your Center. 
Group Ticket Sales for Schools (10 or more) include :  1. VIP pass to the “Invited dress rehearsal”.  2. “Talk back after the show with the stars”.   3. Dinner with the stars.  4. Master class on auditions/bway with Kristin Huffman, Bway performer, Artistic Dir and college professor.
Group Ticket Sales for Businesses (10 or more)  include: . VIP pass to the “Invited dress rehearsal”.  2. “Talk back after the show with the stars”.   3. Dinner with the stars. 4. A “Caroling Day” at your office during December by Kristin Huffman and some young stars! Treat your employees to an hour of caroling in the lobby or door to door at the office!
FINALLY:  All EARLY buyers (before November 16th) will be entered into a raffle for a WALK ON ROLE IN THIS SHOW and will be featured with the Broadway stars on stage!!!!

About NPT:

The New Paradigm Theatre Company (501, c 3) non profit, creates a professional theatre experience that promotes a defined interconnectivity and sense of community. Embracing a new paradigm shift by “breaking the fifth wall” we enlist those formerly known as the “audience” transforming them into a tribe of promoters, “stars” and assistant “directors” who interact with the professional actors we feature in our productions. Through social media and Internet marketing we benefit local businesses, other nonprofits and educational institutions as we mix “stars” in the community with the stars of Broadway, TV and film. Utilizing our experienced press corps, we are the community’s best PR. By mentoring emerging leaders to think progressively utilizing innovative arts education we set the pace for more than just “art for art’s sake”.

·      NPT has also helped many other non profit groups raise funds this year including, The Bruce Museum, The United Way, The Leukemia Foundation, The Volunteer Ctr of SW Fairfield County, AT HOME in Greenwich, as well as many gigs coming up to help other non profits and schools.  

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