Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hot off the press, our latest video that summarizes in pictures, the fun event!

 Thanks Mark Holleran (Holleran Media)  for this awesome and short, recap!   http://youtu.be/seLCSXtWSYo

We will be using it in our Press Releases etc...Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May Day Carnivale event pix!

It was a great event and we literally said "It couldn't have gone any better!" that night.  As we detox from all the work and stress :)  here are some of my favorite pix from our team of ten or so paparazzi.  I will post more as I get them. These are just my favorites so far:

Alyssa Taglia looks gorgeous and works the room

Youth board members, Kelsey and Shaina work the Pasta Station

Carnivale "arms" (Grant, Michael and Dalton)

Youth Board member, Nate, gets to sing with Broadway stars, Leenya Rideout, Jessica Grove, Keith Buterbaugh and Charissa Bertels! 

"Company" castmates are so giving!  Leenya Rideout and Keith Buterbaugh!

Kaitlin and Brooke!

Candi looks great! 

Karis works it!

Beautiful and colorful models! 
Board member, Elaine Nord looks lovely and bright! 

Model, Tiffany lights up a room 

NPT Youth and college interns sing opening number

What would we do without the amazing David Maicco?

Madeline's dramatic makeup 

Miss CT Kaitlyn Tarpy joins us and schmoozes with guests

Treasurana works the room as a model