Monday, November 26, 2012

Jaki's Buzz

Thanks Jaki's Buzz for highlighting the theatre's mentoring program! Link:

The Bridgeport Boy's Choir rehearsal went well this weekend. I had a chance to sing with them at a shelter in Bridgeport at Thanksgiving and it really affected me.  These boys gave up part of their Thanksgiving to sing for folks who were standing in line for their dinners at the shelter.  At an early age they are learning to use their talent to help others.  Mr. Camp, their director is a great influence on them!

At their rehearsal on Saturday I rehearsed and coached two of the little one's "letters to santa" as part of the last scene and I also went over the "Mr. and Mrs Santa scene" where two of the Boy Choir teens play "Elves".  Daniel wrote a Santa (W)Rap that is great!  He took the bull by the horns and got it done ahead of time, memorized it and is raring to go.  It will steal the show!

                                              Singing at the Shelter on Thanksgiving!
                                                        Rehearsal with Mr. Camp

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