Monday, November 19, 2012

Mrs Santa!

Had to share this great costume for my appearance as Mrs. Santa in our Bijou Holiday show Dec 1 and Dec 2.

I bought the bone of this dress at SAVERS and it was majorly enhanced by the super talented designer, Drew Mancuso.  He is also the wardrobe master for New England Ballet (who does a spectacular Nutcracker every year)

See the picture below.  I wish I had taken a before and after because you would be so impressed with how much he did on this outfit!  I love it!

Just so you know, one of the scenes in our show is with Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  Jerold Goldstein is MR. and he's on the phone with our agent, when I walk in.  We have a cabaret act in the "off season" that has been going on for years, despite the fact that Mrs. Santa really can't sing.

So she's all set to find the latest "theme" for their show.  We both have two elves (two young men for the Bridgeport Boy's choir) and Mr. humors me by trying out different songs for themes (opera, pop, country) and finally my elf (Daniel) comes up with a "Santa rap" (he wrote it!)  and we go off rapping that.  Or "wrapping" as Mrs. Claus calls it.

So seriously, check out this photo of my dress below!!  and get your tickets now! See link:

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