Saturday, October 27, 2012


Seth Godin had a great post today:

The end of should

Banks should close at 4, books should be 200 pages long, CEOs should go to college, blogs should have comments, businessmen should be men, big deals should be done by lawyers, good food should be processed, surgeons should never advertise, hit musicians should be Americans, good employees should work at the same company for years...
Find your should and make it go away.

So I wrote out a "should" so I could make it go away: 

Theatres should start with a building first instead of being "virtual" for as long as it takes to build the tribe and let the community chose us. 

I know it takes patience, but nothing, no business, no non profit, nothing, should go by the same rules as it did five years ago.  And if anyone is telling you that, they are still living in the past.  Example: Theatre directors, colleges, producers, casting directors are asking for and getting video submissions, along with their typical live auditions. Regional theatres are doing more education outreach and creative programming instead of just producing shows.  Smart actors are getting good at all things internet related and are able to operate without an agent.  Blogging is something that shows encourage their actors to do for PR (during "Company" it freaked the producers out) 

While we might long for the good old days...of five years ago...NOTHING is a "should" anymore.  The Internet alone has changed everything. Some of the top businesses in CT right now are "virtually" based.  It is what it is, and we have to move and adapt with the times. 

Being "virtually based" is different than just being Virtual.  We are doing some of the work of a "theatre", but are not locked in to one spot yet. This allows us to blow by those "shoulds" when it suits us and to be selective in deciding who we will work with...and who we won't.   

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