Thursday, September 22, 2011


WE ARE INCORPORATED!!!   Kelly let me know Friday last week.  So now my mission is to pick a date in the next month to have our first Board meeting.  I have the board, just gotta get them all together.

I have been delaying getting the website up and running and I think it was just because I wanted to be "official" before I spent the time and effort to get the site, pay for it, get domain name, etc.

I have the design and the team that will help me put that on the web.  Now that I have to get the Board together in a month, I will really commit the time and money to that project.

The Facebook page has many followers already and I am posting there. So is Jamibeth and our super intern, Jamie Rose! We are trying to prove some of our mission statement of being good advertising for other theaters by posting stuff on that page and I have asked Jamibeth to also post when she does auditions or directs so that folks see us "in motion".

For my part I will be posting photos and videos of the PBS series I just booked!  It's not the hosting gig, but is actually playing the part of the mom (abigail ludington) on the Young American Heros series.  The fun part of this is that the 16 year old girl playing my daughter is actually one of my voice students!  Totally coincidence!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Incorporating with Kelly

We signed the incorporation papers today!  Paid the fee to file, and are on our way.   Kelly O'Brian (pictured below) is our amazingly astute lawyer (also a board member) and is taking care of filing the papers this week for us.

Jamibeth went over the bylaws and made some tweaks and she and Kelly will chat again this week about those.  I am ready to write to each of my 11 board members and set up the first meeting to kick this off.

Just to let you know how it works, we incorporate as the New Paradigm Theatre Company, Inc, first, and then we get cracking on the 501C non profit part. The incorporating doesn't take too much time.  The non profit status does.

So we will discuss our Preformances and the next 6 months of Branding, performances, tribe-gathering etc and fund raising, at the first board meeting.

yay!    Thanks Kelly!  (she does Wills and all sorts of other Lawyer stuff too. Right here in Milford!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept 5th

It's been a while and I will blame some of it on Hurricane Irene!  But all is well here even though we were evacuated.

Getting so close to finally getting the incorporation papers in.  Kelly, our lawyer, is super busy, but has tweaked the By Laws and Jamibeth is looking over them to be sure of everything. 

I have gotten all the Board members info to submit and then will pay the incorporation fee.   Within a month we have to have a Board meeting to approve things.  I need more details but that is what I understand.

Met with a great Board member who likes our Preformance that is a big gala idea.  He has asked his country club if we can do it there and they are interested. Once we have a kick-off Gala to get the word out etc, we can start with the consistent and smaller events as well. This year may seem like we are a traveling cabaret, but the gist is that we are branding and making good on our mission statement now...before we have a permanent home.

My goal is to get so much excitement happening over our exclusive events, that folks will be chomping at the bit for us to find a real home.  Even if it takes a while for that, we can have event after event in homes, because they are so exclusive and we are targeting a very specific audience/donor member.

College teaching has begun for me at WCSU and University of Hartford.  I am in callbacks for a hosting position at the Public TV station in Hartford. That would be great PR and leverage for us with the theatre too.  Wish me luck Tuesday. My final "callback" is to put together a piece (in 6 hours) on anything I want in Hartford.  Of course I have chosen the Performing Arts building that I teach in!  

The producer said to keep it light, fun and entertaining.  I am aiming for the Daily Show-type of piece with the proposed question of "So ya wanna be a Broadway star".  To explore how and if the popular talent shows on TV like "American Idol", "So you think you can dance", "Dancing with the stars" etc has helped or hurt our industry.  

Even in this economy we took in twice the amount of freshman this year.  That is what my piece will explore, in a fun way.