Friday, March 30, 2012

Bruce Event

The first big collaboration of a well-respected non profit and NPT is coming up April 22nd at the Bruce Museum.  They are a very long established non profit in Greenwich CT and we are providing some customized enhancement to their "Family Event".  Last year they had 600 folks that came as their featured exhibit had something to do with Circuses and they featured four performers from The Big Top Circus.

This year they are featuring exhibits by Walter Wick, the man who wrote the I Spy books.  AND featuring Broadway performers from The New Paradigm Theatre!  During this 3-6pm afternoon that takes place outside and inside (think: Festival) we will have Kate Chapman, Bret Shuford, Keith Buterbaugh and yours truly, singing songs that complement a children's book author's exhibit.

Two 20 minute sets of concerts with songs from Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Sound of Music, Cinderella etc.   Jamibeth reached out to a wonderful costume designer who is loaning us beautiful costumes for this as well.

In addition we will be teaching three "Triple threat" workshops for any of the families who want to be a part.  Dancing, Singing and Acting will be taught by the performers and Jamibeth as well.  I have invited a few students of mine to be "mentored" as well and they are assisting us with crowd participation songs and the workshops.  Also inviting some makeup artists who will do "faces" while we perform.  Making the kids feel a part of the "star" experience.

We have put out the word for another facebook competition as well. A chance to have a "Backstage pass" and be a part of our crew during the day.

So Mission Statement checklist:  
* Professional Broadway Performers -  check
* Helping another non profit make money-  check
*Mentoring young people who get to work with our pros- check
* Social media ideas so that others feel that they are a part of the "making of" - check.

FUN!  check!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mentoring Video!

I think this is my very favorite video so far! It has so many of the performers from the competition.


 I am going to create a tab on our website for "Mentoring" and feature this video (it's also on our home page now) with some files of questionares that I have been sending out to my professional performer friends)  If you have any educational things that you would love to see on a website about performing, links, etc, let me know.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Moving up!

Meetings, meetings, meetings!

We are taking them left and right now.  Jamibeth has been going to some and Andy and I have been hitting the others.   Sometime in the next month Jamibeth and I will be doing a "dress rehearsal" for our Board of the presentation we want to make to some big bank contacts.  Since we are both used to a world that has dress rehearsals for everything, it seems natural. Plus our board is very business savvy (made up mostly of business folks and not artists) so they are the best folks to give us feedback.

Jamibeth has uncovered a nice theatre that also shares a space with a museum.  Since we are "partnering" with the Bruce Museum in Greenwich for their "Family Event" April 22nd this might be something we want to talk about later.   I have booked four Broadway performers as well as a couple "bonus" performers.  All of whom will sing songs that go along with the Bruce's theme of family/Walter Wick (the author who wrote the "I Spy" books) exhibit.  Songs from musicals that are mostly kid oriented such as, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Wicked,  will be sung by our pros for this non profit's big day. Jamibeth has a friend who is supplying costumes!  I am also booking a makeup artist to do "diva faces" and we are conducting "Triple Threat"T workshops during the day of events for the kids to give them a taste of a dance, acting and voice class. 

I plan to invite some interns, or young folks who want to learn from the pros as well and they can rub elbows with the stars that day too.  

I have another friend working on the young intern and junior board documents and Mark is working on the "mentoring" video so that we can include that in our packages.  

Made up a nice promo eflyer (was very proud of myself for figuring out how) and if you want it, write to me at .  It has our links, mission statement, pictures.  It's just a nice couple pages that are flashy looking and tell you who we are.  Also revamped our website.   Thinking of running a competition with a money prize for anyone who can develop it for us....but tell me what you think so far.  

If I just had another 20 hours a week I could get a lot more done