Sunday, November 11, 2012

Youth Board!

Thrilled doesn't begin to describe how I feel about our very first Youth Board meeting tonight.   We had seven very enthusiastic and social media savvy teens who elected a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary and also discussed topics from fund raising to selling tickets to the upcoming Bijou Theatre show.

Matt Sweeney is our president and he took charge immediately gathering emails and telephone numbers as well as taking notes.  Nathan, our VP was great with suggestions.  Our secretary Kelsey was great too and treasurer Kevin created a special facebook event page while the meeting was in session on his Iphone!!   Additional board members, Shelby, Shay and Shaina have actually already been a part of some of our activities from singing waiters to designing flyers.

The way this crowd spreads news is exactly how we want our theatre's advertising to work.  They talk to each other, text, post it, and spread the fun fast!   We already came up with incentives to any of their friends who sells 10 tickets or more.  A special raffle that allows the winner to have a walk on role in the Bijou Holiday show with us. :)

The perks of being on the Youth Board are not only Volunteer Credit hours, but also they are the first to be included in all VIP activities, from rehearsals with the stars, sitting in on auditions, meeting and working with the tech folks, producing a web show that we will be launching after the holidays, monthly board meetings, singing waiter opportunities, meeting stars that we book for shows in person and for dinner and getting a "board member" credit on their resumes.

All of this is part of our "mentoring" program and some of these members are also going into the schools with me when I do master classes and the "Triple threat" workshops for elementary schools to help out.  Building self esteem, public speaking, marketing etc skills through the arts.

This meeting turned out to be so much more not only because of the kids, but also the parents were here at our home and were equally supportive, with ideas and positive thoughts.

Below is a picture of some of the kids in action.

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