Wednesday, November 28, 2012


NPT was on Fox TV today (Mrs. Claus and Miss CT)
and also in the CT Post (thanks Joe Meyers!)

Below are links to both! Hope to see you all there!!
Performers from The New Paradigm Theatre Company perform their holiday extravaganza on Dec. 1 at 3:00 and 8:00 and Dec. 2 at 2:00 and 7:00 at the Bijou Theatre.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Jaki's Buzz

Thanks Jaki's Buzz for highlighting the theatre's mentoring program! Link:

The Bridgeport Boy's Choir rehearsal went well this weekend. I had a chance to sing with them at a shelter in Bridgeport at Thanksgiving and it really affected me.  These boys gave up part of their Thanksgiving to sing for folks who were standing in line for their dinners at the shelter.  At an early age they are learning to use their talent to help others.  Mr. Camp, their director is a great influence on them!

At their rehearsal on Saturday I rehearsed and coached two of the little one's "letters to santa" as part of the last scene and I also went over the "Mr. and Mrs Santa scene" where two of the Boy Choir teens play "Elves".  Daniel wrote a Santa (W)Rap that is great!  He took the bull by the horns and got it done ahead of time, memorized it and is raring to go.  It will steal the show!

                                              Singing at the Shelter on Thanksgiving!
                                                        Rehearsal with Mr. Camp

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rowayton Broadway bounds!

Some of the NPT mentoring that is connected to the Lockwood Mathews Mansion and Museum gig on Dec 16th is with Rowayton elementary school. We are on our 2nd session of "Broadway Bound" classes with 10 adorable kids who are learning through movement, voice and acting.

They are also working on "auditions" to be included in the Lockwood Holiday show as part of the "Letters to Santa" segment.

Today we talked about the "technical" side of theatre as well and I decided that I would include their "set designs" as part of the Bijou Holiday show in the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" reading, by Scott Bryce, our host.  The children drew pictures that corresponded to ten different parts of that story.

Since the Bijou is also a lovely movie house with a screen for the entire back wall I had at first just wanted to have slides of a book shown as he was reading the story.  Then I thought, why not have the kids draw the pages?  And so....see below for some of the cutest pictures that also taught the kids about set design, color schemes, and ....deadlines.

I had to have them today when we left the class.

ps big thanks to 2nd grade teacher,  Lisa Benedetto LaRusso, who really lined everything up for us and is at every session! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Singing Waiters

Our show, for non profits, always feature singing waiters when possible.  They have often been my home students or college kids and now our Youth Board gets in on the act.  See below for video footage from my Iphone of Matt Sweeney and Kelsey Llewellen who performed for the CT Humane Society's gig.

They got "tipped" after they sang and turned that $ into the Humane Society.  Sometimes the kids sell raffle tickets for the charity.  They are very respectful and adorable.

They also get volunteer credits.

video of Matt! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mrs Santa!

Had to share this great costume for my appearance as Mrs. Santa in our Bijou Holiday show Dec 1 and Dec 2.

I bought the bone of this dress at SAVERS and it was majorly enhanced by the super talented designer, Drew Mancuso.  He is also the wardrobe master for New England Ballet (who does a spectacular Nutcracker every year)

See the picture below.  I wish I had taken a before and after because you would be so impressed with how much he did on this outfit!  I love it!

Just so you know, one of the scenes in our show is with Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  Jerold Goldstein is MR. and he's on the phone with our agent, when I walk in.  We have a cabaret act in the "off season" that has been going on for years, despite the fact that Mrs. Santa really can't sing.

So she's all set to find the latest "theme" for their show.  We both have two elves (two young men for the Bridgeport Boy's choir) and Mr. humors me by trying out different songs for themes (opera, pop, country) and finally my elf (Daniel) comes up with a "Santa rap" (he wrote it!)  and we go off rapping that.  Or "wrapping" as Mrs. Claus calls it.

So seriously, check out this photo of my dress below!!  and get your tickets now! See link:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion show for charity

Karen, the owner of  Village Vogue Boutique (one of my fav places to shop)  hosted a fashion show Wednesday night at Indigo restaurant for The Sunshine Kids - a charity dedicated to helping children with cancer. She asked me to model a gown I had already bought from her shop and after teaching till 6:45 I scurried off to model at 7pm.  

Karen is also graciously supplying the gowns for the three Broadway gals in our Holiday show at the Bijou Dec 1 and Dec 2, as well as the Miss CT girls ala "Holiday Hollywood".  Can't wait to see what they will look like.

Since we are in a movie house, we are going to show Karen's logo behind the women as they model her fashions while we sing Santa Baby.  Product placement made easy.  Movie's do it. Sports arenas do it.  Why not theatre?  

Today we are singing for the CT. Humane Society.  Custom building a show just for them in Westport. When I met with the organizer she threw out adjectives and ideas like "love songs", "journeying" and "forever home".  So I wrote a show that Fred and I will sing "love songs" our dogs.  :) And the journey we take with them through our lives.  Bringing photos of my pound puppy Benny to sing "My funny valentine" to as well as Fred's english bulldog. :)  

They are honoring Mary Tyler Moore and she may be there.

Here is picture of our final outfits for the fashion show. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NATS master class

Doing lots right now in the name of "mentoring"and tying it all in to NPT.

Gave a master class for the National Association of Teachers (CT) this weekend.  I really love that kind of class where they sing for you, and you can give them feedback and really work with them on their "audition".

Auditioning is such a different beast than performing and if you get good at it you will probably perform more than those that are just average.  Richard Sabellico's class is great "Audition Therapy".  

Jamibeth has a wonderful class in NYC that really gives you an insider's view on what is needed in auditions.

VP Boyle has his series of classes that feature a different casting director at each class.  

I have taken all of those classes and more and am always thrilled to share what I have learned from them and also what I have learned from my own trial and error.   

Below are pictures from the NATS master class.  My super supportive colleagues at WCSU were all there as well! Thanks Roy, Connie and Maggie! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Youth Board!

Thrilled doesn't begin to describe how I feel about our very first Youth Board meeting tonight.   We had seven very enthusiastic and social media savvy teens who elected a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary and also discussed topics from fund raising to selling tickets to the upcoming Bijou Theatre show.

Matt Sweeney is our president and he took charge immediately gathering emails and telephone numbers as well as taking notes.  Nathan, our VP was great with suggestions.  Our secretary Kelsey was great too and treasurer Kevin created a special facebook event page while the meeting was in session on his Iphone!!   Additional board members, Shelby, Shay and Shaina have actually already been a part of some of our activities from singing waiters to designing flyers.

The way this crowd spreads news is exactly how we want our theatre's advertising to work.  They talk to each other, text, post it, and spread the fun fast!   We already came up with incentives to any of their friends who sells 10 tickets or more.  A special raffle that allows the winner to have a walk on role in the Bijou Holiday show with us. :)

The perks of being on the Youth Board are not only Volunteer Credit hours, but also they are the first to be included in all VIP activities, from rehearsals with the stars, sitting in on auditions, meeting and working with the tech folks, producing a web show that we will be launching after the holidays, monthly board meetings, singing waiter opportunities, meeting stars that we book for shows in person and for dinner and getting a "board member" credit on their resumes.

All of this is part of our "mentoring" program and some of these members are also going into the schools with me when I do master classes and the "Triple threat" workshops for elementary schools to help out.  Building self esteem, public speaking, marketing etc skills through the arts.

This meeting turned out to be so much more not only because of the kids, but also the parents were here at our home and were equally supportive, with ideas and positive thoughts.

Below is a picture of some of the kids in action.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good Press starting up!

I tell ya, after doing most of our own press/marketing for so long, it's nice to have a partner in crime with the Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport for our Dec 1& 2 holiday shows!   They just got us this:

and I know there is more to come!

Also if you have recommendations of senior centers or retirement centers that I can contact for the "perks" of ordering tix and getting us as carolers for free at their centers, let me know!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bringing Broadway to Bridgeport

Here is the latest press release I have been working on.  Always best to be a month in front of any press, but the hurricane is delaying things, so this weekend is my crunch time. I included a whole "perks" section that probably won't go with the press release but that will be in a newsletter I have been creating.  It seems to me that if you can get the "early adapters" to engage and invite groups of their friends, it's better than just selling one ticket at a time.  Plus, each perk furthers part of our "mentoring" or "engaging your tribe" idea.

Contact: Kristin Huffman
Cell Phone: 646-342-3200

The Bijou Theatre presents: A Holiday Extravaganza: Bringing Broadway to Bridgeport!

Amidst all the stress and strife of “Sandy” the Bijou Theatre and Broadway performers from The New Paradigm Theatre bring an uplifting and enjoyable event to the community!   

Bridgeport, CT (November 1 2012) –

Bringing Broadway to Bridgeport.  Thinking outside the…holiday box, the Bijou Theatre and The New Paradigm Theatre Co (NPT) have found an “all-in-one” way to benefit the community and create a an uplifting holiday tradition.  Broadway performers from The New Paradigm Theatre Company will perform a NY-esque customized Holiday show for Bridgeport and the surrounding area Dec 1 and Dec 2nd at the Bijou Theatre.  Created just for Bridgeport this show not only entertains with Broadway singers, instrumentalists and Santa, but it comes with a mentoring outreach that allows the Broadway performers to teach young people in weeks prior to the show and gives a few lucky Bridgeport students the chance to be featured on stage with the performers for the exciting Holiday extravaganza.  Some will even have a chance to help write part of the show with the Broadway performers as guides!  Adding to the glamour and fun are title-holders from the Miss CT program (including a cameo by Miss CT), the Bridgeport Boy’s choir will be featured onstage with the performers and The New Paradigm Theatre’s  “So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway Star” Junior and Senior winners will also be featured.  Finally, proving that it takes a village, the “Village Vogue Boutique”, in neighboring Milford, will be supplying all the gowns for the event.  Connecting, uplifting and mentoring the community through this “Holiday gift” to Bridgeport.
Tickets:  Call  Bijou theatre:  (203) 332-3228
Perks for early ticket buyers (before Nov 16th) include:  1. VIP pass to the “Invited dress rehearsal”.  2. “Talk back after the show with the stars”.   3. Dinner with the stars. 
Group ticket sales for senior centers and homes (10 or more) receive the above as well as a visit during December by Kristin Huffman (BWay performer and Artistic Director) with a young crew of carolers for your own “Sing along” and caroling door to door at your Center. 
Group Ticket Sales for Schools (10 or more) include :  1. VIP pass to the “Invited dress rehearsal”.  2. “Talk back after the show with the stars”.   3. Dinner with the stars.  4. Master class on auditions/bway with Kristin Huffman, Bway performer, Artistic Dir and college professor.
Group Ticket Sales for Businesses (10 or more)  include: . VIP pass to the “Invited dress rehearsal”.  2. “Talk back after the show with the stars”.   3. Dinner with the stars. 4. A “Caroling Day” at your office during December by Kristin Huffman and some young stars! Treat your employees to an hour of caroling in the lobby or door to door at the office!
FINALLY:  All EARLY buyers (before November 16th) will be entered into a raffle for a WALK ON ROLE IN THIS SHOW and will be featured with the Broadway stars on stage!!!!

About NPT:

The New Paradigm Theatre Company (501, c 3) non profit, creates a professional theatre experience that promotes a defined interconnectivity and sense of community. Embracing a new paradigm shift by “breaking the fifth wall” we enlist those formerly known as the “audience” transforming them into a tribe of promoters, “stars” and assistant “directors” who interact with the professional actors we feature in our productions. Through social media and Internet marketing we benefit local businesses, other nonprofits and educational institutions as we mix “stars” in the community with the stars of Broadway, TV and film. Utilizing our experienced press corps, we are the community’s best PR. By mentoring emerging leaders to think progressively utilizing innovative arts education we set the pace for more than just “art for art’s sake”.

·      NPT has also helped many other non profit groups raise funds this year including, The Bruce Museum, The United Way, The Leukemia Foundation, The Volunteer Ctr of SW Fairfield County, AT HOME in Greenwich, as well as many gigs coming up to help other non profits and schools.