Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rowayton Broadway bounds!

Some of the NPT mentoring that is connected to the Lockwood Mathews Mansion and Museum gig on Dec 16th is with Rowayton elementary school. We are on our 2nd session of "Broadway Bound" classes with 10 adorable kids who are learning through movement, voice and acting.

They are also working on "auditions" to be included in the Lockwood Holiday show as part of the "Letters to Santa" segment.

Today we talked about the "technical" side of theatre as well and I decided that I would include their "set designs" as part of the Bijou Holiday show in the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" reading, by Scott Bryce, our host.  The children drew pictures that corresponded to ten different parts of that story.

Since the Bijou is also a lovely movie house with a screen for the entire back wall I had at first just wanted to have slides of a book shown as he was reading the story.  Then I thought, why not have the kids draw the pages?  And so....see below for some of the cutest pictures that also taught the kids about set design, color schemes, and ....deadlines.

I had to have them today when we left the class.

ps big thanks to 2nd grade teacher,  Lisa Benedetto LaRusso, who really lined everything up for us and is at every session! 

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