Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NATS master class

Doing lots right now in the name of "mentoring"and tying it all in to NPT.

Gave a master class for the National Association of Teachers (CT) this weekend.  I really love that kind of class where they sing for you, and you can give them feedback and really work with them on their "audition".

Auditioning is such a different beast than performing and if you get good at it you will probably perform more than those that are just average.  Richard Sabellico's class is great "Audition Therapy".  

Jamibeth has a wonderful class in NYC that really gives you an insider's view on what is needed in auditions.

VP Boyle has his series of classes that feature a different casting director at each class.  

I have taken all of those classes and more and am always thrilled to share what I have learned from them and also what I have learned from my own trial and error.   

Below are pictures from the NATS master class.  My super supportive colleagues at WCSU were all there as well! Thanks Roy, Connie and Maggie! 

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