Friday, October 5, 2012

This weekend's press!

This weekend Channel 12 will run the interview that contestant Kevin Durkee and I did last week about So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway star!

It will run:
Saturday: 8:33 AM   12:03 PM    3:33 PM    and
Sunday:   6:03 AM    8:33 AM     2:33 PM

It is a half hour talk show called "Our Lives" and it focuses on social issues as well as cultural.  Kevin is a natural and will be singing in our junior division.   

Next week I am taking another contestant, Ilayda Muftuoglu with me to Channel 8 ABC.  I think it's good for the audience to hear from actual excited contestants and to see how educational the whole thing is.  

Please let all interested folks know that they can visit our new website!  and get the applications and buy tix for the event too.  

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