Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Website Design!!

So excited that our new website design has launched.  Would love your feedback.   We think it's sleek and business-like and also ...purple..which for some reason, was important to me. lol.

Thanks Ortal for the work you did to help us get what we wanted!  Click on the link below to be taken to our new site!  


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  2. Your site is good, and it has a smooth feel, which will be loved by theater fans. Try creating your official Facebook page to gain more followers faster. Good luck on your internet campaign! Just remember to look for creative and unique ways to get ahead of the competition. =)

    Staci Burruel

  3. Wonderful idea right there, Staci! Allow me to add this: Create your own Twitter page so you can receive everyone’s feedback and some suggestions. That will serve as your official virtual room where you can talk about things in an engaging way. =)

    Glenn Evans

  4. What I love about your website is the simplicity of it. It’s very organized! Everything’s simple and functional – from the color choice, text fonts, and navigation. Good job! :)

    Jamie Viggiano