Thursday, October 25, 2012

And our winners are....

So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway Star...

Junior winner:  Matthew Fliegauf
Senior winner: Amanda Forker
(Pictures below)

What a great event and thanks to everyone who helped. The first thing everyone noticed was the beautiful theatre this year. The Bijou and their staff were awesome and the theatre itself is a great place to perform and see shows.

Our new format, with the singers divided up into two age categories worked well and then on their one day of performance, getting feedback from all judges in the preliminary round was good.  But what they really loved was that the highest scoring folks then got to work on stage in front of us with an individual judge for 10 minutes in the final rounds.   Everyone did so well and the competition had a lot  more of a Q and A feel.  The judges were spectacular in giving advice and working with the contestants.

It was that final round that really helped to decide the winners as well.  We got feedback like:

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. The feedback I got was completely invaluable. I now have a very clear vision of the expectations of the industry. I wish you and your growing program with the NPT all the best.
       Thanks again,  
           Matt Sweeney


Thanks so much for the wonderful performance opportunity on Saturday.  Juliet (and her parents) learned a lot!  We were delighted to see how talented and poised our daughter was in her first "real" competition.  She is thrilled to have been chosen as a finalist and even more thrilled to have worked with "Christine" from "Phantom".  We also learned Juliet needs some "go to" songs that show off different vocal styles and her vocal range and especially, that her choices need to be age appropriate. 
       Pamela Dale

Pictures of our winners. 

                                      Amanda Forker went from Children of the Wind to The Alto's Lament in the finals and    it was her comedic side that won the competition for her.  
Judge VP Boyle working with Matthew in the finals. 

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