Monday, October 1, 2012

At Home in Greenwich

What a lovely, lovely Gala and a great group of folks we were privileged to entertain last night for  At Home In Greenwich.   At Home in Greenwich is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization founded to help senior residents of Greenwich with both the practical means and the confidence to live their lives to the fullest in their own homes as they grow older.

And they were so receptive and ...lovely.   We custom-built a show for them that contained Classic musical theatre tunes from shows like Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Chicago, South Pacific and many more.  And since Fred Rose (one of my Company cast mates) was a performer we both brought our instruments (he's a superb cellist) and in addition to David Miacco on piano (amazing!)  we played flute and cello on all the numbers.  We even did a tag team medley that we created just for them that had us singing and playing alternately. 

Bret Shuford and Gwendolyn Jones were awesome as usual and four of my own voice students were the singing waiters who warmed up the crowd with their 16 bar songs at the tables of the 250 folks that came to the event.

When this nonprofit booked us for the event they had seen us at the Bruce Museum's event and we had had a few discussions on the phone and in person as to what they wanted for their own event.  Then I had a "marketing advice" phone call with about five of their members. After that I booked the talent, accompanist, sound guy Steve, and custom built the show for them to their specifications. 

This non profit did it up right at the Greenwich Hyatt with food "stations" and pretty, festive tables. They also kept their presentations short and sweet and moved everything along. Peggi, their MC and board member, was just the right touch of pizazz and glamour.   The board and the folks attending were all excited and positive and I made sure our Bway folks mingled and talked to everyone they could. 

Always trying to work in the mentoring aspect, I had my students ask questions, while we were eating, to the Broadway stars so they could hear first hand what these pros did in their careers, business-wise, education-wise and just survival-wise.

All in all this was a fun and exciting evening and I totally credit At Home for setting their "fans" up well for it.  Everyone came expecting to have fun and to see Broadway singers perform just for them. I am sure they rewarded this non profit generously as well!   

Congrats to all!!

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