Monday, October 15, 2012

Randye Kaye is back again too!

I tell ya, we had so many great comments about Randye Kaye as a judge last year that we just had to have her back again this year.  She gives good, no-nonsense advice that anyone can relate to and she does it with compassion.  

She's also a good friend and has a wonderful career as an author and much more.  Read her bio:

Randye Kaye has over 20 years of experience as a voice talent, stage/TV/film actress, and radio personality, with a long list of major clients. She brings years of acting and improv experience to your commercial - as spokesperson or character – and provides a warm, rich, smooth, intelligent and expressive voice for your website, e-learning tutorial, IVR, on-hold message, promo/imaging, industrial narration, audiobook (children, adults), science/medical/technical instruction, video game, travel/real estate/museum tour, or event. 

Randye has been heard on major radio stations as Morning Drive sidekick, PM Drive Personality, news director, and NPR classical music host, but now focuses on Voiceover work full-time. She is also a Voiceover coach with Edge Studio in New York, Connecticut and the virtual world.

With years of experience as a morning radio personality and actress, Randye knows how to think on her feet and help your event go smoothly and happily as live host, MC, or announcer. She also provides acclaimed motivational keynotes, leads fun and interactive workshops (self-esteem, happiness, communication, presentation skills, media awareness), and is a really fun and productive live auctioneer.
On the more serious side, Randye speaks frequently to groups of doctors, nurses, medical students, families, providers, and legislators regarding the family experience when mental illness hits. She is a published author, Family-to-Family teacher/trainer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and diversity trainer with the Anti-Defamation League.
Randye uses her vast experience in radio, improvisational acting, voiceover and theatre to teach and inspire in educational and corporate environments.

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