Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BFF's with a Broadway star

Excited doesn't begin to explain how I feel about our newest video!

At our first IN HOME EXCLUSIVE.  Broadway performers, Bret Shuford, Fred Rose and Gwendolyn Jones were stellar.  Jamibeth was our "Alex Trebec" for the trivia contest we customized specifically for the 15 guests in attendance.

The idea, is that we can connect one-on-one to new folks in a way that is fun, rubs elbows with eating, socializing and performing. And we alway customize the evening for the guests and host.  

Now we have 15 more "Loyal" followers because our performers are just so damned charming and talented.  Even though it was the night of a huge thunderstorm, each guest arrived excited and ready to meet Broadway talent face to face because they were truly theater fans.  No one dragged an uncooperative spouse.  We are not in the convincing business.  I don't need every single person on the planet to be a theater fan.  But for the ones who are.....

We cooked dinner together, ate, and then while we performed they also were up close and personal in a way that doesn't and can't happen at a theater.

Math quiz:  If you do 15 evenings like this a year with 15 guests and each one of those guests gives you permission to let them know about upcoming events plus two or three of the guest host their own Broadway IN HOME exclusive with 15 guests, at the end of the year how many tribe members who will be donors or audience members do you have?

And if they all feel they are a part of the "making of" your theater aren't they likely to tell others about you when you do a show?  If you reward them with something they find valuable for bringing a guest to a show, like more personal attention from the stars, dinner, front row seats, walk on roles, makeup session with your show makeup artists, aren't they likely to be motivated to bring a friend or two?

So at the end of year, how many new people do you know personally? Not just in your email data base.  How many have you met face to face?  How many have seen you smile or sing or heard about your mission?  

I am not so good at math, but why would anyone open a business/theater until they had done some of that work?

And just one more thing.  If you know a non profit that is doing this, creating good will, helping other non profits, mentoring, meeting important people that they can network to you as well, why wouldn't you want to be a part of the experience? Have your name attached. Partner up.

I think if you are smart, you would.

Who do you know who wants to be BFF's with a Broadway star?

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