Friday, July 6, 2012

Redefine Possible

There are so many campaigns today that talk about "redefining possible".  I did a google search and came up with a short and inspiring article in Forbes. 

"Spencer West’s story of conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro is not just an inspirational tale of how one man redefined his own sense of what’s possible.  His message of how to redefine and reimagine what is achievable, how to intertwine goals with a greater purpose, and how to be stronger by relying on others is a blueprint for business leaders, new graduates, and even grade school students."

I also liked the section where they talk about big things being done in "small steps".  When you have huge goals, such as starting a theatre company, sometimes people/projects don't move as quickly as you would like them to. I suppose that is when some folks give up.  Or say "this or that is 'so hard'".  By the way, don't ever say that to me because I will walk away from you or hang up. Or in my Landmark education classes they would say "if you say so".  Meaning, it's hard if you say it's hard. You will just live into that.  So don't say that...about anything in your life.  

With a good team working with you, though, it's not hard to find other paths, other people, other projects that can move your theatre forward while you are taking small steps one place, you can take medium size steps other places.  

"You cannot get around that we are all going to have our challenges at some point.  It is how you deal with that challenge that sets people apart". Says West. 

I think a stagnent "this is what we want to do, like it or lump it" idea is not useful in this economy and business climate.  Just keep redefining what is possible and taking steps.  

Keep taking steps.    

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