Saturday, July 21, 2012

Modeling good behavior part 1

Thursday night's "Modeling good behavior" with the Haborpoint community in Stamford was a huge success!  The night was gorgeous. The models from Miss CT  and from CT fashion Week were stunning and so gracious.

There were about 200 guests who enjoyed watching the young women arrive on the Soundwaters boat and then parade up the ramps to "walk the runway" for the appreciative crowd.

NPT coordinated with Building and Land Technology's Marketing Director, TJ White and Event director, Carla Catanzaro, to produce the evening at their series, "On The Rocks".  Live band, Merlin, 
added to the fun by playing ZZ Top's "She's got Legs" and other sassy, girly songs. 

The idea was that Nonprofits can work together and help each other in combination with a corporation like
 BLT that has just developed this beautiful waterfront area.

I contacted some photographers (there were about 20) there to play the part of "paparazzi" and they got some 
outstanding shots that could be used as marketing tools for any of the organizations listed above.  

Here is one link that the photographers are posting their shots to:

And then Janet Zimmer (one of our board member's wives) has this link to her shots.  Gorgeous.

I will also attach a few of my favorites from the above.  I mean, come on!  Doesn't this look like the best party that you wish you had attended!  We "staged" it, we were all playing "parts" and it was entertaining.  That, in my book, qualifies as "Theater".  

Part 2 of this post will be expanding on that thought....

Pictures from the gig (if you can't see them come back to the actual blog site) 

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