Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A little help from my friends...

I got so many emails about the last post about "proving yourself" that I thought you needed to hear from some of my friends as well to see that this is just what our "careers" are like in the theatre world.
As an aside: almost any other career can benefit from the perseverance learned by pursuing theatre.  

From Randye Kaye: (actor, radio personality, author, mother)

The longest summer of my life was the one between high school and college, when I  took a Nine-to-Five job in an office to help pay my tuition bill. Every hour I spent watching the clock reminded me of what I truly wanted: to make a living as an actress, as a singer, to do the things I most loved in this world and get paid for it! 

Now I can look back and say that I have done just that, and (though I am far from fame and riches) I am quite proud of my life so far.  My first dream was to be a Broadway Musical Star.  Nope, not there yet - but as we live our lives, dreams and goals can shift gears to suit new priorities. 

From my first paid theatre job (non-Equity, $40 a week plus room and board to do summer theatre in Thomaston, CT - a blast, by the way!) I have made a living in many corners of this business; as some doors closed others opened.

My corners of "Show Biz" have included National Tours, Local AEA Guest Artist roles (ones I'd never have landed on Broadway, let's face it), Cabaret work, Singing with various bands, lots of Voice Over Work (my bread and butter!), and a long stint as a major radio personality in Connecticut. Oh, yeah, and off-Broadway - but that credit means less to me now. 

One promise I made to myself as I approached my 30th birthday was that I would never sacrifice my offstage life for my onstage credits - and that decision has served me well. 

So my perseverance has been this: to keep my eyes open to shifting opportunities (Like Voice-over, radio, and local theatre), and have the guts to go for new goals within my dreams. Every day I get to act, sing, talk, and write - and get paid for it! I also get to teach, direct, blog and coach (Voice Overs) - and also be a wife and Mom - and every day my dream gets larger than I'd ever imagined when staring at that office clock.

 Broadway someday? Maybe. But meanwhile, I intend to keep doing what I love, wherever they will let me do it, and have a happy life knowing I am honoring my own dreams and goals by not giving up on the Big Picture of this wonderful and unpredictable business!


Randye Kaye Voiceovers 
actress/voice talent/speaker  

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