Monday, July 23, 2012


This bears repeating.  If "space" is the issue, then you have two choices.  1. Give up and go home .  2.  Work around it.  Or maybe just ...."work around".  

Define "Theater" as more than just producing shows in a building that looks like a typical theater.

That is what we are doing right now.  Today's meeting with a local Museum Mansion went very well.  A Holiday show concept or series of shows is attractive in many ways to a place that wants to reach out to the community, be a part of a mentoring programing as well, entice some new corporate folks and get great PR for doing all of the above.

We have a proposal that has a twist which reflects our mission statement. We can customize it for each place.  We are a non profit so any money used to produce that is a write off.  We utilize Broadway performers in all that we do.  And many of us are educators with a lot of marketing sense to boot.

As an actor, if you wait around for Broadway and only audition for Broadway you may or may not make it there.  If you perform at dinner theatres, outdoor theatres and regional theatres while you are also trying to make it to Broadway, you get experience, develop your craft, and make a lot of connections.

We are building our "list" and our following day after day with our In Home events (the video is almost ready for me to share with you!) our corporate gigs, our convention gigs, and our special event programs.   We are producing "theater" even if it's not in a building called a Theater yet.

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