Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic fever

At my home we are obsessed with the Olympics.  Watching everything from Volleyball (both Andy and I competed for our colleges) to archery.  When there is more than one TV station carrying the games we flip back and forth constantly, excited to see our favorites and also to learn about the sports we don't understand.

Like Sabers.  How cool is it to say you were an Olympic Saber champion like  Mariel Zagunis? They were talking about the coach of the US women's team Ed Korfanty so of course, as I do with everything important, I looked him up on Wickipedia.

What the commentator, who is also a saber competitor with this same coach as his mentor said, is that Korfanty is a great coach because he recognizes the trends in the sport and adapts.  

How old is the sport of Saber or Fencing? I will look that up later, but I bet it's pretty damn old. And this guy is open to the idea of recognizing its trends and adapting!

What a great Olympic lesson for those of us in the theater world.   Recognize the trends and adapt.  Instead of complaining about how people don't respond to this marketing or that fund raising or this show, ADAPT.  Stop trying to cram it down their throats the same old way.

And here is the fun part.  Since we are so internet based, if you mess up one effort, who cares, just adjust and continue.  The internet is free.   And if you are a "virtual" company right now, like us, you have even more flexibility to pick and roll and adjust.  I would think a company that opened real doors and then folded quickly, because the world is different than it was 10 years ago, would lose credibility pretty fast.

But a smart company that stays virtual and is creating its base first, and making smart inquiries and is coming up with creative ways to fulfill on its mission statement ie Performing, Mentoring, Reaching out to other non profits to help, that is the company that gets the gold.

Recognizing the trends also means associating with people who get that business concept.  Partnering with progressively minded folks.  People who take chances and are gogetters.  I wonder what Mr. Korfanty is doing after the Olympics.  :)

GREAT pic of Mariel Zagunis! 

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