Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Website

I am pretty proud of myself I must say.   Just finished working on the new website. It has all the info for the upcoming "So ya wanna be a Broadway star?" competition.   The cool thing about this website is that it's so advanced you can do more with it than a usual site.  I can totally change that home page once the competition is over.  I can add videos and photos and there will soon be a Facebook feed from our site added to the side bar.  I will also be adding an "Education" tab and some other things.  But for now it's a good start I think!     Give me some feedback!

You can also view this flyer for the event.  One of my terrific students (high school!) made it.

OH and it's far from finished, but at least when we send folks to the site they will be able to enter the competition.

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