Tuesday, January 3, 2012


"So ya wanna be a Broadway Star" competition!

Please share this on your facebook pages, or in person with everyone you know.  I can't believe the quality of judges we have for this!   Check out the website for a list. And the prizes that have been donated!

Paul Bogaev (musical producer for Spiderman, Aida, and the movies Nine and Chicago) is a judge!  Also Richard Sabellico, Casting directors Barry Moss and Jamibeth Margolis!  

While the title of our competition/fund raiser seems splashy, it's only for marketing purposes and to take advantage of the popularity of those types of shows.  It's truly another chance for us to prove our mission statement, which is: to let the community contribute to the "making of" this theatre.  It's also to show some educational elements by letting the audience feel what a casting director feels like when they see 100 people a day (or more!) for roles.

The fact that contestants get to give their headshots and resumes to these well-connected judges who could get them roles (and will give feedback) is also a perk for them.  We plan on having a talk-back on Sunday with some of the judges as well.

So post away! We are also trying to prove that social media and a few big mouths can really promote a show better than paid advertising and mass mailings.

www.nptheatre.org   (just visit it to see how proud I am of myself that I figured out how to put the Facebook feed on the right side of the home page!)

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