Thursday, January 26, 2012

CBS with Scot Haney

Nick and I were on CBS today. The last of our press junket for this event. :)  Scot Haney is the host and he is a blast.  Loves Musicals and Broadway.  He had just seen Follies for the third time.  We air at 3pm today as this was a taped show and I am going to add a "press" tab to the website with all the clips, but we actually involved him in the song with us.  Below is the video clip from "behind the scenes".As with the other stations (ABC and FOX) they said to come back whenEVER we have anything!  Be sure to come out and see us at the event this weekend.  Jan 28/29th at the Stamford Hilton!

 If you can't see it on your phone, just come on back to the online blog.  It's fun.

                                                               Behind the scenes

The Actual Show!

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