Sunday, January 22, 2012

Broadway Babes United Way

Whew!  The only day of the month that got a snowstorm?  The night of our Broadway Babes for the United Way event.  I am from the midwest where we don't freak out as much about some snow on the ground, but out here when you get a couple inches everyone usually decides to just stay home.

So my worry was not whether or not my Babes would show up (Gwendolyn Jones came in the night before and Kate Chapman and Eileen Tepper were going to use the train) but whether or not the audience who had confirmed that week, were going to show up for the United Way!  As I watched the snow continue to come down to about 7 inches or more, I had to work very hard to stay positive.

But we all got in and rehearsed with Melanie Guerin our terrific accompanist and made it over to the Laurelton Hall where more than 100 guests showed up!  My two terrific Hartt students, Jeremy Sickels and Casey Dupler actually drove down from Hartford to be singing waiters along with my minister's kids, Bethany and Gabriel Keyl and they were great.

Mark Holleran (holleran media productions and on our board) was there to get interviews from the Executive directors of the United Way and its other NPO's as well as from the performers and waiters and some guests.  Of course he also got performing footage because since the TV news and CT Post features, we now have four more Non profits wanting us to do shows for them.  This one was in Milford but the other ones are closer to our desired future location.

The idea is that Mark will now make a Non profit video that will showcase our work raising money for other NPO groups.  He also got some great "Mentoring" footage which, along with next weekend, will showcase our mentoring activities.  Both those pieces will be about 2-3 minutes long and will be the first thing you see on our "Mentoring" and "Non profit outreach' tabs on the website.  This is how we are building our "following".  At the end of every Broadway Babes we will be inviting them to be a part of the building of NPT.

The only hitch in yesterday's event, other than the snow, was that Gwendolyn and Andy somehow got her keys locked in her car with the engine running right when I was supposed to pick up Kate and Eileen from the train. They had my car blocked in the driveway. The Milford Fire Department saved the day and of course, I got footage on my phone....see below:   Gwendolyn wanted to know if any of these firemen were single.

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