Monday, January 30, 2012

Broadway star photos by Kersten

I promise to post a thorough update of the wildly successful "So ya wanna be a Broadway Star" when I have recovered sufficiently but here are some great photos by Kersten at:

You won't be able to see these on your mobiles so visit the blog on the web.

Judges first night headed up by Jamibeth Margolis Exec. Dir.
Scott Bryce, Richard Sabellico, Barry Moss, Maureen Hamill

Q and A with Judges the 2nd day.  William Wade, Jamibeth, Susan Campochiaro, Scott Bryce, Paul Bogaev, Maureen Hamill and Randye Kaye
Invaluable Intern Samantha Bock 
Bway Star Contestant (48!) 
Stage Manager Intern Andrew

Top 11 Finalists (there was a tie) 

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