Monday, May 2, 2011


This past week was all about judging an international choir competition in Toronto.

Got me thinking that I should eventually ask to host one of those annually at our theatre. It's a great corporation that brings in choirs and bands from all over the nation, and Canada, and hires qualified judges to give the groups awards and feedback.  This particular group also asks the judges to do a 15 minute onstage workshop with the groups, so it's very helpful to the choirs. Bus loads of choirs and parents come to the host city. When I add this to my marketing list it's going to be one more thing that folks who don't know me will say, "how are you going to do all this?".  It'll only be those of you who read this blog and know me who will understand that I am just making life easier for myself by hosting them in my own space.

We drove home from Toronto last night and right to the Broadway Babes concert I produced and performed in for FSW, a great charity that had us as one of their fundraisers. Again, these concerts are something that is on my marketing plan.  The largest donor of our season gets a Broadway Cabaret of performers from our season for that donor's favorite charity.  A two-fer.  Be our largest donor of the season and get a charity cabaret for your favorite charity. Performed at our theatre.

Again, I often get the comment, "how are you going to do all this?" when they see that element.  And you and I will chuckle inside knowing that it's going to make my life easier to host them at our own theatre. 

This week Deb is setting up a meeting with very well-respected architects and sound designers who will become part of our 'tribe'.  Enrolling them in the vision of what we are doing is my job. We are looking at a few spaces and I want to be sure we are all on the same page.  Our theatre can potentially drive traffic and create such a buzz in the city that we want to pick exactly the right space to rennovate.  Any architect/crew we use will be a part of something new and get to put their stamp on it.

So far that sounds like a normal theatrical proceedure doesn't it?  Guess what, we aren't waiting till we have an actual space to make a difference in the community.  A website that is content rich will be beta tested, with many of you, this summer.  We can exist in a substantion way long before we have our space open for business because the internet is free. 

And our internet marketing company is full of experts who know exactly how to stay on the cutting edge and how to drive traffic to a site that is informational and interactive. 

Stay tuned....

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