Sunday, May 8, 2011


As we approach the end of college term with finals and juries for the voice students I have decided to extend an offer to anyone reading this blog.

I have one intern already (former voice student and person-extraordinaire Jamie Rose) who will get credit as an intern, be the coordinator for any other interns and also have something fun to write on her resume ie "Intern for The New Paradigm Theatre".  But are there any other folks out there who would like to help us this summer?

Here is what I will be offering as your mentor (it is of course a take off on one of Seth's posts)

  • How to focus intently on a problem until it's solved.
  • The benefit of postponing short-term satisfaction in exchange for long-term success.
  • How to read critically.
  • The power of being able to lead groups of peers without receiving clear delegated authority.
  • How to persuasively present ideas in multiple forms, especially in writing and before a group.
  • Project management. Self-management and the management of ideas, projects and people.
  • Professional finance. Understanding the truth about money and debt and leverage.
  • An insatiable desire (and the ability) to learn more. Forever.
  • The self-reliance that comes from understanding that relentless hard work can be applied to solve problems worth solving for the arts.
  • The chance to get some writing/blogging credits
We are going to be loading the website this summer and beta testing it with mighty Zach as our webmaster. So most of your work will be internet related. Finding articles, contributing to the videos and pictures, helping me meet people and interview them, personal assistant stuff, emailing and brainstorming. If you are good at formatting and making things look professional on paper, that is a good skill too as I am not highly artistic in that way.

It's getting to the point where we need a few extra hands! Let me know if you want to be one of those for college credit, or just for resume fodder.  At this point I cannot pay anyone, but you can be a part of our exciting adventure in a more substantial way.  You may also refer trustworthy friends. Anyone 18-80 is eligible.

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