Monday, April 18, 2011

Today we had two meetings in Stamford. One with an asian art dealer who lives in Greenwich.  She and her husband used to be bankers in NYC and now they are pursuing their passion in art.  The second was with a man from a very well-know family in Stamford. His father was a football hall of famer and they know everyone in that city.  He rattled off many names that might be interested in becoming a part of our tribe. He certainly is.

Thursday I meet with another big banker guy.  The interesting part of all this is hearing from these business people about their side passions. Which usually happen to be artistic.  WE are coming from the other direction as artists who have a passion for marketing and business.  During this time of economic upheaval, it's interesting to note that real business folks truly value out-of-the-box ideas that come with an artistic flavor.

The part of our marketing plan that seems to really appeal to them (other than having a chance to meet the Broadway stars in our shows) is usually how we have woven in the ideas that help their businesses or non profits through this new marketing and social media.

It truly is so much more than "a theatre". We are creating an incubator or caldron to stir in all the other business/nonprofit/schools/arts groups in a way that empowers everyone. 

Now how to explain that to the other arts groups who want to think of us as competition?

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