Thursday, May 19, 2011

What do we want?

Riffing on Seth Godin...again!

What (people) want

What do customers, friends, the socially networked, users, neighbors, classmates, servers, administrators, employees... maybe even brands... want?

notice me
like me
touch me
do what I say
miss me if I'm gone

(Let's add donors and audience members to that list)

Our website will do all those things, and so will our theatre.  Ask yourself to name other arts groups that really indulge in those ideas.  Online.   Or in person. 

I do not mean sending them an email saying "come back to us/donate to us/we've missed you!".
I do not mean only "touching them" from the stage.

I mean literally getting in the trenches and building your tribe one-on-one.  Treating them all as if they own a part of your company.  Making your website more than an online brochure and instead, a place that they want to visit daily (like to find out what cool stuff they can be a part of, can comment on, can influence, can contribute to OTHER than just coming to see your shows.

Getting it yet?

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