Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meetings, Meetings and more Meetings

Whew the last two weeks have been full of meetings in preparation for our big event June 30th!

Met with the printer who is creating our "booklet" for NPT that we will have at every table for our Board Development Brunch...which I am affectionately calling Broadway and Brunch.   Going there after I write this to proof one and then have him print out 29 more.  Our designer, Shaina (on our Youth Board) has done a beautiful job of taking my text and putting it in an 8 page document that the guests can take home.  When I tell you she is 15 years old you will not believe that work of that maturity could be done by someone that age. I will post a couple of the pages below.

Met with Hannah again at Belle Haven Country Club in Greenwich to double check that the piano is still in tune for our Broadway singers at the event and to confirm some details.

Met with co MC Scott Bryce for lunch and to discuss the program we will present on the 30th.  Been tweaking and writing it every day so that it accurately represents our history and mission.

Went to a show at Fairfield Theatre Company to support one of the attendees of the Brunch in her gig with her band. She will be attending with her important parents.

Held the Youth Board meeting at my house.  They are undergoing their own Board Development and we added a few members.  We also had our first expert adult guest, Mark Holleran, professional commercial producer.  He talked to them about auditioning and producing commercials.  They also discussed their own fund raising ideas and some festivals that they will attend this summer to do "Face Painting" for their fund raising efforts.  I added those to my calendar as well of course as did the two adult advisors.

Went to a picnic at board member, Penny's home.  She is on the committee for Board Development so we went over many details for the event there too.  Joe is one of our other members of this committee and we have been emailing and calling each other for two weeks with confirmations and details.

We have also had quite a few "pre" brunch meetings with invited guests for the event.  To vet them and have them vet us.  I had two of those this week with Penny and one of our newest board members (he referred us to this important guest) We have our first Bank President now on board....with the Board. :)

The rest of this week is the same with meetings, proofings, confirmations of guests and performers, details, volunteer help, coordinations of pickup for stars, etc.  Just doing the work that needs to be done to make this a successful event.

In this midst of all this, I was in the Emergency room getting my leg operated on.  No details, just suffice it to say that I have limped around for a week with the goal of being in heels by the 30th.

(Below are some examples of Shaina's work.  At the event she will be our "hostess" and I am introducing her to Hannah for some possible intern opportunities. She wants to go to Cornell and major in Hospitality management.)


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