Saturday, June 15, 2013


Things are really gearing up now for NPT.  We have a Board Development event coming up at the end of June that we have been planning for months.  Since our founding we have had a great board of directors. What we are calling a "formative" board.  Made up of super folks who believe in the mission of NPT.  All business folks and people with a buy in to our "vision".

Now, as we move into our next stages of development we need to entertain the idea of putting very connected folks on our board as well.  Plainly, folks with money and those connected to money.  Or the ability to raise money.  Up till now we have mostly raised money for other non profits with our customized shows.  A small percent goes to NPT. But we have never been in debt and we have enough to buy the D & O insurance, website, and other marketing type things we needed.  But now we need to get serious.

We have proved our mission statement over and over this past year or so.  Helping other non profits with our customized Broadway performer-filled shows, mentoring outreach and social media and marketing. Good PR and good tribe-building.

This past month has been filled with meetings.  Meeting new prospective board members, meeting the board development committee (many times), meeting other producers, meeting, meeting, meeting.  This all culminates in the June 30th, event at a lovely country club in Greenwich where I have invited eight Broadway performers to perform around our own custom-built show finally! We will feature points about who we are, what we have done and weave the performers throughout the show.  Scott Bryce is our master of ceremonies and we have a few guest speakers who can talk about our various bullet points as well.

It will be very classy and informative for the selected 30 or so guests.  Some are CEO's, bank presidents, business folks, lawyers, and others interested in hearing about what NPT has done and will do.  I have been spending a ton of time on the "take away packets" that will describe us as well as feedback cards that will follow up on new nominations to our board.  It takes a lot of time.

But as one of our board members, Joe, says, "We are moving forward with or without them".  Certainly the last couple meetings I had with prospective folks went so well I left feeling empowered all over  again about our mission.  Anything is really possible if you are passionate about the cause. The Work.

It's not about me. It's about the Work.  We are taught that concept as actors.  And the actors that can really embrace that idea don't go crazy with the rejections that inevitably happen.  Why shouldn't a theatre company feel the same way?  It is not about the personel. It's about the Work or the Mission.  And if the mission is strong enough and resonates with the right people it flows.

Those that don't see the lightbulb go off are just not meant to be a part of NPT. That goes for millionaires and stars alike.

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