Monday, July 1, 2013


I am so glad the event this past Sunday went well and I am so glad it's over.  It's one thing to write a show for other non profits. When it is all about your own non profit though it is more nerve wracking.

But everyone showed up.  Everyone had a great time.  Everything went according to plan.  We are doing our follow up calls now to those folks who are interested in being on the board.  I wrote out personal thank you letters to all the guests and mailed them today.  Penny and Joe (our Board members on the Board Development committee) also follow up with the guests via emails.

Yesterday I wrote out thank you letters for the nine Broadway folks and had them in envelopes for them when they got to the country club.  When the guests arrived I greeted each one and had studied their faces and profiles the weeks before. That way I could discuss their businesses with them and sound informed.  Very "Devil Wears Prada" I know.

I think it's not enough to just have a successful event. The follow up is extremely important and sometimes neglected. The "I am so grateful you came" has to happen right away.  To everyone. Guests, Stars, Volunteers, husbands....

But I am checking it all off my list today.  Feeling so good about the momentum and positivity.

Now we are lining up follow up lunches and meetings.  All good.  Glad this is summer when I have a bit more time to do it.

And I was proud of myself for keeping perspective during and after the event.  If it's the right fit for us and for them it will happen. If not...NEXT.

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