Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"I am glad to be a part".  But are they?  Butt in seat, smile on their faces.  So many folks think their job as an artist or an audience member or a board members or an employee is to "show up".  On time.  Do the work they are given.  

We are beyond that now.  Just getting to the audition, or thinking up a new idea isn't enough.  "We should do...." is not sufficient.  Your job now is to "surprise and delight and to change the agenda" as Seth Godin says.  To "escalate, reset expectations and make us delight that you are part of the team".  

A team member who moves things along.  Who proposes whacked out ideas.  Who connects others with important movers and shakers.  Who takes the ball and runs with it.  

It's not nearly enough just to "show up" any more.  

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