Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Youth Board President, Matt Sweeney

Our newly founded Youth Board has met twice (next meeting is this weekend) and last week we invited Matt Sweeney, Youth Board Prez to update our adult Board of Directors regarding the activities of the Youth Board.

He did a great job and sat in on the whole 2 hour meeting, getting to see the workings of a board of directors first hand.  See video below of part of his presentation. He updated us on the singing waiters portion of the CT Humane Society gig (in which he and two other teens sang before our big show for their gala at the tables for "tips" that went to the Humane Society as well).  Many of them went with us to the senior homes and also sang in the gigs for the Bijou and Lockwood Mathews Mansion and Museum.

The teens have also started their own blog  in which they review or comment on performing arts shows, both professional and amateur that they have seen.  They submit a picture and video and must include one "interview" of another teen in attendance.  It's all from their "teen" experience.

This month they will also launch their newsletter "Break a Leg" that will highlight all the local schools and the shows that are coming up. If you know anyone who should be on that mailing list (it's great advertising for the schools) let us know at

The Youth Board is so excited about being a part of the efforts of NPT that Matt wrote this on our Youth Board facebook page (created by them and just for youth board members).

The New Paradigm Theatre Youth Board works side-by-side with the NPT Board of Directors to ensure the longevity and creativity of the New Paradigm Theatre. It is a prime example of the fantastic mentoring program NPT has to offer, and is comprised of enthusiastic teens hoping to spread the knowledge and enthusiasm about the arts they encompass. 

President: Matt Sweeney
Vice-President: Nathan Clift
Secretary: Kelsey Llewellyn
Treasurer: Kevin DurkeeBoard Members: Shaina Arsenault, Shelby Vetare, Shay LaRusso

The Board of Directors also nominated and accept Lisa LaRusso and Lisa Durkee (parents) to be on our adult Advisory Board to help guide this group.

See video and pix of Matt at the board meeting below.

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