Monday, February 4, 2013

Social media revolution and youth

Just returned from a fantastic internet marketing convention in Miami. Top marketing specialists presented three days of incredible business tools and ideas.  If you haven't seen this video it will really open your eyes to how Social media is not to be ignored.

I got a huge idea after one session that I am presenting to our Youth Board at their meeting this Sunday.  Once we work out the details I will fill you in.  I got it after seeing a session on a new site that has streaming videos and bookable "sessions" with stars like Eva Longoria, La La Anthony, Alejandro Sanz and more.  It's a great way for these stars to connect with their fans and push out ideas and products they support. It's also a way for them to monetize more personal contact with fans.  There is also a "donate now" button for causes they support.

So I started thinking about how we could have virtual master classes with stars in the entertainment world and came up with the idea I am tweaking and working on now with our Youth Board.  What is fun about working with the NPT Youth Board is that any idea you have they are ready to run with it.  They get social media and love to create.

I wrote out the formula and ran that by our Vice Prez of the board, Nathan Cliff (he's a sophmore at Trumbull High School and very tech savvy...also just a great kid).  I will train him to "produce" this Sunday Spotlight show and he'll have something great on his resume when we are finished.

More soon......

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