Saturday, April 19, 2014

May 1st Models!

Just had a first fitting today for one of the 15 models (!) for our May 1st Carnivale event.
Cara Cama, Miss Stamford, was lovely and tried on a couple dresses. She's going with the purple one and white gloves.  The lighting in the pix below isn't great but it's an adorable dress on her.

The models will all have their fittings at Village Vogue in Milford in the next week and then our 6 professional makeup artists will design the makeup specifically for the model's face and outfit. Then the hairstylists (4 of them) will have headdresses and headpieces that will go with those outfits.

We also have a jewelry designer who is coming to add the final touches.

Then once the ladies arrive on May 1st and get into their outfits/makeup/hair we will rehearse them as our "living decorations".  They will pose around in the ballroom on platforms while the guests are eating and drinking. As if they are at a photo shoot.  We have 10 "paparazzi" shooting their pix as well as the guests.  Want to make it feel like an "Opening Night" for everyone.

Every 5 minutes the models will walk to the next platform.  We give them about 3 minutes so that they can schmooze with the guests they pass while walking to the next spot.  Cameras flashing, pictures being taken with guests, and then they are back on the next platform and posing.

See below for Cara's outfit. Adorable!

Another big announcement is that one of our Honorees, Paul Bogaev, just signed a contract to music produce the Broadway show, Pretty Woman!  That will be a big deal to announce that night.

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