Monday, April 28, 2014

Models for our MAY DAY CARNIVALE event!

Just wanted to share some of the fittings of our beautiful models at Village Vogue in Milford.  The owner, Karen donated the outfits they are wearing for this event.  The theme, as you know, is A MAY DAY CARNIVALE and all these models are going to be on 16x16 platforms around the ballroom posing as "living decorations"while photographers take their pix.

Their makeup will be done by six pro makeup artists (who can't wait to make very exotic and bright "masks" on their faces) The team of hair stylists (four of them!) have created headdresses and other great things for their "look". We also had a person who runs a jewelry line volunteer to accessorize them.

A team of 10 photographers will be busy shooting their photos with the guests during the first hour or so of our event making everyone feel that they are at an "Opening Night" type of event.

Can't wait!  While we have sold all the tickets that we set as our goal you can still join us by clicking above to be a part of the fun and party!

Pix of a few of the 16 models getting fitted at Village Vogue. 

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