Sunday, March 30, 2014

NPT gig for Bridgeport Council of Churches

Last night I think we had one of our best shows. At least that is what our board members and some others who attended said.  There were a lot of moving parts to this one.

Not only did we have our four Broadway performers, but this time I used the NPT Youth as well as NPT Interns and two of the kids from the After School At the Klein program.  As always we only had the rehearsal the day of the show for about 4 hours total.

I was just lucky enough to hire Broadway singers, Charissa Bertels, Bret Shuford and Thom Christopher Warren for the gig who jumped right in and not only sang their solo numbers but also played along with the "bits" and the mentoring components.

My college kids, Jeremy, Jake, Casey, Cori and Sofie are top notch and were energetic and fun.  The Youth board girls, Shay, Shaina, and Shelby were great and so was one of our newest youth board members, Dominick singing "At last I see the light" with Bret.

It seemed right to invite two of the standout girls from the After School at the Klein Program because it's in Bridgeport and this was the for the Bridgeport Council of Churches.  They seemed to really enjoy the kids as a part of the show.

The theme of the event was "Changing Lives" and I programmed appropriate tunes for that as well as trying to mix in some fun things so that it didn't seem too heavy.  The kids really helped in that regard.

We had a wonderfully receptive audience including Rev Marjo at Salem Lutheran Church who has been a big supporter of NPT, especially the youth.  So I invited her to be a part of my version of "Popular" which ends with her being dressed up by the Youth Board girls in a wig, my Miss Ohio crown and boas.  She was a great sport.

Below are pictures from the event.  Exhausted right now, but happy that the event went so well and that we continue gathering our "Tribe" of folks who like what NPT has to offer.

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