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SoNO Charity Concerts

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We were contacted by Stacey, the creator of the SoNO charity concerts in Norwalk CT, to perform for their July 17th concert.  So Bret Shuford and I will perform a "Family" style performance and also feature some of our Youth Board (and former winners of So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway Star) as the "Up and Commers" in this show.  We will also have a booth in the back run by the advisor to our Youth Board and our members, that will Face Paint for $5.  We keep that as a donation to the Youth Board.  There is also the opportunity for folks to just donate to NPT.

Stacey asked me if I could help her with some PR as this is a relatively new series so I reached out to Channel 12, in Norwalk, and got a slot for this past weekend.  I asked Stacey and also Matt Sweeney (our Youth Board prez) to do the interview.  You have about 6 chances to catch it next weekend on Channel 12 as it was taped and runs in a loop.  Saturday at 11:30 am is a good time to see it.

To help with attendance I also suggested that from 3-4pm on the day of the show we could hear some "wanna-be's" ages 8 and up in an "audition" and then pick three of them to be featured that night with us on stage.

Here is the Press Release that Stacey put together with my input.  Join us if you can!

SONO Charity Concerts

SoNo Corporate Center
50 Washington Street
Norwalk, CT 06854
Phone (203) 354-4550
Fax: 203.354.4551
Media Release
Contact: Stacey Hascoe
Phone: (203) 354-4550

9 A.M. EDT, June 26, 2013
How do you become a sTar on Broadway?
First, Stop at SoNO Plaza.

SOno plaza, South norwlak, CT, june 26, 2013:  For anyone who has ever dreamed of being discovered and making it big on Broadway, Wednesday July 17 could be their lucky day.
It will not help those dreamers to wish upon a star (though it can’t hurt); what they need to do is get themselves to SoNo Plaza in South Norwalk, CT on July 17. That is where the New Paradigm Theatre Company will be hosting the "So ya wanna be a Broadway Star” competition.
The competition is being run in partnership with The Sono Concert Series.

Stand up and sing
The July 17th competition will be an American Idol-style competition. Contestants are invited to sing any Broadway song of their choosing. A piano accompanist will be provided; contestants must bring their own sheet music. Judges will select who from among the contestants will have the opportunity of performing that night for the Sono audience.

The competition will be between 3-4 pm, and will be limited to the first 30 contestants who arrive at 3 pm. All the judges are Broadway performers from the New Paradigm Theatre and will provide all the contestants with helpful feedback and advice.

Three winning contestants will be invited to join the other Broadway performers to be part of that evening’s SoNo Concert Series “Disney Magic Broadway” concert, featuring Bret Shuford(Broadway: Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) and Kristin Huffman (Broadway: Company, Tours: Phantom, Miss OH and runner-up Miss America, Exec.Dir: New Paradigm Theatre) performing with the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra. The three winners will have the opportunity to be on stage and sing with the Broadway cast and “Youth Board” members of New Paradigm’s non profit professional theatre company. 

The open-air concert will start at 6 pm.
The competition rules and the required three forms can be downloaded from or

SoNo Park is located at 50 Washington Street, in the historic waterfront area of South Norwalk. South Norwalk is easily accessible from I-95 with ample parking available.

Identity through Theater
The New Paradigm Theater Company is a non-profit community theater, run by Kristin Huffman as artistic director with the dedicated support of a team of theater professionals with Broadway backgrounds. The mission of the New Paradigm Theatre is to further the community’s cultural identity with professional theater.

In addition to the competition partnership with the SoNo Concert Series, NPT hosts “Sunday Spotlight”, a virtual master class featuring Broadway, TV, and Film stars who offer aspiring actors and performers advice and tips on advancing their career. “Sunday Spotlight” is currently on summer hiatus, but will resume in the Fall 2013. Information is available at the Sunday Spotlight page on Facebook, the NPT blog, or by email to .

For More Information
Sono concert series
Sono Corporate center
New paradign theatre
Norwalk Symphony Orchestra
Sunday spotlight
Kristin HuFFman
SoNo Charity Concert Series flyer
SoNo Charity Concert Series Sponsorship information
Kristin Huffman photo (JPEG)
Bret Shuford photo (JPEG)
Competition forms


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