Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sunday Spotlight with Gwendolyn Jones

Our next Sunday Spotlight is May 5th, this sunday at 8pm with one of my dearest friends, Gwendolyn Jones.   She's also got the biggest belt of any woman I have ever met. It's got a zing on it that carries for miles and she has her own personal zing that carries just as far.

Tune in to hear her take on life as a character woman in the Entertainment industry.  A few of her roles have included Mrs. Claus for Radio City Music Hall, Mamma Morton in Chicago, Mrs Hannigan in Annie, and she just finished touring with Cindy Williams in Nunesense Boulevard.

Here is the link for our Virtual Master class with this class act:

Click on the link and it will let you sign up for the webinar.  Then it will send you an email with a link that you click on at the time of the webinar. That will let you tune in from your own computer for free.

Join us!  Check out Gwendoly's fun photos from shows below.

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