Sunday, April 28, 2013

Killer week!

This week I was in three different states.  Four if you count CT.

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday I judged an international choir competition around Boston (yes same weekend as the bombing stuff).

Then on to American Airlines headquarters in Texas to produce a show for them Tuesday and Wednesday. The lovely Adam Overett was my cohort in that production.  Flying first class back and forth was totally cool.

Then this weekend I was in Toronto judging again.  Technically not a state, I know.  Great choirs at this weekend's gig.  And I judged with two other women judges. Usually it's me and two men.  The women were great, innovative, positive and terrific professors and conductors.

 I always think of my own mom whenever I do these gigs.  She is the best junior high music teacher in the world.  Even though she has been retired now some years.  Still volunteers at Children's Hospital in Columbus (won volunteer of the year) and treats those sick kids to music therapy.

If I have a passion for music it's because of my mom. She inspires me still to teach and to sing every day.  When I think back on all the experiences I have had and places I have traveled to primarily because I use this instrument that she gave me and inspired me to use, it boggles the mind.

This past week was just another few notches in that experience/travel belt.

Pics of the American Airlines gig and one of the choirs from this weekend below.

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