Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunday Spotlight #1 with Leenya Rideout

Our very first Sunday Spotlight went well.  Leenya was game and so were the participants.
The great thing about gotowebinars is that you get a recording of it and reports.   So our awesome Youth Board Prez, Matt, made a Youtube channel for the Youth Board (we have one for NPT by itself too) and the first Sunday spotlight is on there.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25EBwbKesYY

We have a bit of tweaking we will do but we did two polls and one survey and both came back suggesting good things.  One was that we should create a Facebook page for the Sunday Spotlight (we have one for NPT)  SO:  https://www.facebook.com/NptYouthPresentsSundaySpotlight  and as of last count 42 folks had "liked" it. We can announce each week's guest.  And we will also do that via their blog. www.nptbreakaleg.blogspot.com .

For the Facebook page, I put in the description for what our Virtual Master class was all about and will change it each week to show our next guest and the link to register for that session on Sunday nights.
This week is Alan Rust, March 3, 8pm.  He is the dean of the theatre school at the Univ. of Hartford (hartt school) as well as Artistic director for Monomoy Theatre in Cape Cod.  Register for free with this link:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7238591169609275648

Then our terrific VP of the Youth Board, Nate, created our Rockethub account and we will launch our fund raiser (for $2000) so that we can have that gotowebinar package for the year.  Right now we are on a 30 free trial.  With Rockethub if you don't make your whole amount you still get it, unlike kickstarter.

We also have a Twitter account just for the Youth Board.  They really will have to keep up with much of this but right now....it's kinda me and Nate and Matt.  But I expect this to really pick up steam.  We have students but also adults and industry folks tuning in for our first one, and I hope they will all continue to join us and tell their friends.  It's free so why not!

It's funny because, not everyone got that it was a "virtual master class" when I was seeking my first few guest stars. I got answers like "does it pay because I can't come out to CT unless it does" (um...you tune in from your computer)  "I am really just trying to concentrate on being a mom right now and can't get away.(um...great...you do this from your computer) or words to the effect that they may not have understood that this is a 'VIRTUAL' master class that everyone tunes in FROM their COMPUTER.

But you know what...it will catch on.  The folks who attended (about 25) enjoyed it and got to ask questions of Leenya too,  Check out the recording above and let me know your feedback too.

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