Thursday, August 30, 2012

Customer theatre too

We are finally going to be able to remodel our vintage 1950's kitchen and in the process we have visited a couple kitchen design places.  As we set up "measuring" appointments with the experts at each place we excitedly explored the cabinets we might want, the tiles, the appliances and so forth.

Since we wanted to get the best deals as well as the most expert advice, we set up three separate appointments to have these companies come out to the house and get all the right measurements.

Monday's measuring guy called us four times and couldn't find the house.  Ends up he was in Stratford instead of Milford, even though the sales woman had written down our address while we were in the shop.

Tuesday's guy came at 10am when the appointment was at 2pm and then called at 2pm and told us he was double booked, rescheduled it for the next day and never showed up.  

It's not like we are just toying with the idea of remodeling the kitchen. We are ready and able to do it.

So our final folks, Home Depot, have been the most professional and thorough and they will get our business.  Roy has been super professional and sat down with us for over an hour to go over all our options.

Apply to theatre:  While the guys who met with us in the actual kitchen shops were professional and helpful, the guys they sent out to do the measuring were not.  While the Artistic and Executive director of a theatre might be hard working and professional if the person running the box office is snippy or dresses unprofessionally, or messes up ticket orders, that might be the impression the public gets of the whole theatre.   If the actors are not sociable when they are hired to sing for another non profit's Gala in the name of NPT, then it reflects badly on us.  (Remember Nancy Karigan at the Disney parade mouthing 'this is so stupid' when they were one of her sponsors?)

Might be unfair, but it was enough to turn us off two kitchen supply companies.  I have a choice where I spend my money.  

It might mean more work for us, but this kind of an experience solidifies my micromanaging tendencies.

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