Sunday, December 18, 2011

Creating strategic alliances

This week we created two very important alliances.   One was with the Hilton in Stamford.  We confirmed a date for our next event there,  "So ya wanna be a Broadway star".  A two day event that will be like a mini American Idol for anyone 15-32 years old.  We will have them all sing 16-32 bars the first night and narrow them down to the top 10 for the next night.  All of them will be judged by NY agents, Ny casting directors, directors and folks that could potentially get them jobs.

The prize for the winner is being added to daily, but so far it's 1. Interviews with the NY agents in their offices. 2. a photo session 3. Makeup and hair consultation 4. voice lesson 5. consultation by Jamibeth Margolis on their "package" and rep book. 6. $50 gift certificate for 7. a NY audition.

I think the most exciting is the sit-down meetings with the agents.  Plus everyone gets to give their headshot and resume to the panelists.  We are confirming our "star" guest who is an American Idol star.  More later when we have it firmed up.   The dates are Jan 28/29th.  The application is only $50.00.  The tickets to see the show are only $40.00 and that covers both nights. We will also have a "Fan's Favorite" winner.

Also this week we had a meeting with the Development director (Liz) and Event coordinator (Jen) at the Bruce Museum.  I gotta tell ya, we meet the most intelligent, talented and beautiful women while networking this theatre!  Both of them were terrific and very onboard with the idea of "partnerships" and strategic alliances between Non Profit Arts groups.   And since they are a super credible and well-known Museum in Greenwich, this could be the start of a lovely relationship where we can impart our marketing know-how on how to reach the "Millennium" group (ages 18-31) and they could lend their extensive knowledge of that area and their prestige.

Often, Non profits consider each other competition i.e. "if you come to see our show you won't go to see their show".  But we believe there can be more synergy in not only events, but education outreach as well and we have developed quite a few ideas that were met with enthusiasm.  Will keep you posted...

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