Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bank Account and stuff...

We opened our bank account for the theatre on Thursday.  It feels so official.   Lynn and Cathy (our accountants/treasurers) and Jamibeth and me were at the bank in Stamford.  See picture below of Lynn and Brandon, our bank rep.

After that meeting, Jamibeth and I headed over to the Hilton in Stamford    I was there for Matt Castle's wedding (cast mate from "Company" on Bway) and loved the space.  We met with the marketing director, who couldn't have been more lovely.  She agreed that we could use the ballroom for our "So ya wanna be a Broadway star" event in Januaray and also showed us their wonderful smaller space that looks like a cabaret room.  We can use that for smaller shows right now.

This is all very exciting.   Next week Jamibeth and I have a meeting with the Event director and Development director for The Bruce Museum in Greenwich.  When I tell you that is a big deal I am under selling it.  More later.....

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