Friday, August 19, 2011


A lot has happened.   The CPA's have approved Jamibeth's four year projected budget and I sent that on to Kelly, our lawyer. 

After she does her thing to get us incorporated we have something like 30 days to hold a board meeting and get the bylaws approved.   Then we are considered "incorporated".  Easier to begin raising money if you are something official!

Once we are an official thing, then the 501C (non profit status) part begins. That will take a longer time.

During that time we are going to be engaging in a year of "PREformances" (as my husband Andy termed them) throughout Greenwich and Stamford (perhaps NYC as well)   Those will be taylored events for our "tribe" of supporters that really prove our mission statement.  We also want to loan out our Broadway folks to other non profits and their Galas through the year.  Again, as a way of saying that we are a "thing" before we are a "thing", and here is what we do for the community.

Kind of like a traveling troupe, but with more lingering effects. And our PREformances mingle our new supporters and our "stars", as you would expect.

Speaking of fun performances, I will include a short video I took while I was on stage at the Stratford Festival last night.  That theatre went under about 25 years ago but it is such a cool space.  They don't use the inside anymore, but the outside theatre (shell) is great. The supporters in that area really are trying to at least bring back some performances in the summers, so enjoy my insider look at being on stage for this event below. If you can't see this short video on your email, just come back to the actual blog site:

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