Monday, August 1, 2011


This week we are preparing to go to the Internation Convention for our internet marketing company.  25,000 of the best internet marketing minds will be gathering in Greensboro NC and we will be with them to learn the newest and best techniques to grow not only our own internet business, but to apply it to our theatre business.

If you haven't guessed by now, the way we are creating this theatre is based on newer marketing techniques as well as progressive internet and website initiatives.   I will never cop to being a tech genius, but I am smart enough to have surrounded myself with folks who are on the cutting-edge.  Many of them are my business partners who will also be heavily involved in the making and marketing of our theatre.  The Team approach has a much greater chance of success in my book than the solo approach. With any business

One to one (peer to peer, business to business, face to face) marketing is the approach we are taking with marketing our theatre, and that is something that we have been taught through our marketing company (and Seth Godin of course) It works so well that our marketing franchise is ranked #54 on the top 500 online retailers list!

So as I pack for this exciting convention I will be listening with my "theatre" ears for any business tips and tools that work so successfully in business that they just have to be applied to the arts.

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