Saturday, April 16, 2011

Multitasking Agenda

I guess I should just link to him all the time but this hit me today from Seth.

The agenda

The job of the CEO isn't to check things off the agenda. Her job is to set the agenda, to figure out what's next.
Now that more and more of us are supposed to be CEO of our own lives and careers, it might be time to rethink who's setting your agenda.

Educational piece of this blog: done!   Apply this to your life.

My agenda today is to rehearse the beautiful and talented Broadway Babes for their upcoming concerts.  Two different charity gigs. One for FSW, a family service.  And also for The Women's Center of Southeastern CT. 

Great Broadway Babes for this gig include Randye Kaye (radio and off bway superstar), Sarah Pfisterer (Broadway: Phantom, Showboat, many more) and new upcoming babes, Becca Zaretzky and Jill Soares. Also special guests from the two colleges I teach for as singing waiters. And of course the gorgeous and talented Reed Prescott singing in a dress at the end. None of you are going so I didn't blow the surprise ending   

When one of the few arts people I spoke with in Stamford asked me how I was going to "clone" myself to do all that was on my marketing plan (which includes producing cabaret concerts called ...Broadway Babes for the highest donor of our season's favorite charity...get it? it's a win-win.  They give to us, we sing for their favorite charity)  I told her 1. I have a huge team that is already on board and that has been doing these events and ideas with me for about five years already and 2. What artist doesn't multi task? Aggregating all that my colleagues and I already do in one spot named "A Theatre" is actually a relief.

So back to the agenda: Broadway Babes rehearsing this morning and three big meetings coming up in Stamford and Greenwich this week.  Deb is also working on finding the best architect to give us a quote on a space we have in mind.  OH and I am seeing my students at the Hartt School (Univ of Hartford) in a production of Company tonight.

I was able to talk the editor of The Sondheim Review (national magazine that I write for occasionally) into letting me cover the production as a "What college kids learn from working on a Sondheim piece).  I will be featuring my students in quotes and pix of course! 

Tell ya about all that later.....rehearsal time now...

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